Melodic Sample Slicer/Chopper

I need a tool that basically replicates Serato Sample’s tempo sync after slicing feature within the Sample Editor.

First and foremost I do this manually just about everytime I use samples, so I know Renoise has the technology to accomplish this.

I use the Chop Sample tool which is AWESOME however it only works for even divisions and I still have to highlight all my samples and adjust the beatsync.

A tool that works with the auto slicer and calculates non-even slices then simultaneously sets the beatsync length relative to the original sample theoretically does this.

I’m willing to PAY for this.Any takers?? Paypal, Cash app???


Can you pls describe in detail what you’d like the tool to be able to do?

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Absolutely. Perfect world scenario:

User presses the keybind for this tool. It would essentially auto slice the loaded sample in the same manner as always according to the auto slice sensitivity.

Slices would then be assigned to keys based on the drum kit layout the user already has set.

So far so good

The major difference now is that the slices would now automatically have the beatsync option checked(texture) and the length would be set as well.

I would need the beatsync length for EACH slice to be set based on or relative to the samples original length. So they’ll realistically be different lengths per slice because auto slice rarely slices melodic samples in equal divisions.

Even divisions are fine too, that’s what Chop Sample is for however it is a bit limiting because transients and interesting phrases don’t always start on exact beats/measures

However with each slice beatsynced, if the original sample’s tempo is different from that of the project tempo there won’t be a need to calculate each slices sync rate. Saving time and making trying out different melodic loops more intuitive.

I hope that was descriptive enough.


Yeah, definitely! Sounds pretty straightforward, and I imagine it should be relatively easy for a motivated coder, assuming the API allows for all these actions.

Hope someone picks it up!

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I would think so considering the file browser can auto detect beatsync length (there is an option in the settings to turn it on or off). However I’m no coder but I would love this feature.

And also, I own Serato 1.4 and I can tell you from my own personal test that Renoise’s time stretch definitely holds together transients better at high pitches. DJ Ave McCree did a comparison of Redux vs Serato Sample on YouTube and he agrees as well

I really need more Hip/Hop and urban genre producers in this space. To expand Renoise’s reach!

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You gotta come through with those trap-centric tutorials, bro :slight_smile:
Spread the word…:metal:

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I’m soooooo nervous lol I got a few tricks up my sleeve though. In due time


Sweet. Looking forward!

Don’t worry about making them perfect. People will appreciate them regardless, in my experience

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Oh nice. Can see this saving a bit of time here and there.

Would probably take me half a day to knock something up and get it tested.

You just want each slice stretched relative to the Beastsync settings for the origanal sample right?

Obviously the accuracy of the slice length would be limited by the Lines Per Beat you’re working at so it wouldn’t quite be perfect…

Rather than all in 1 key press I might make it a tool that you can apply straight after slicing or chopping?

I hate taking money for stuff this useful/simple but I’m out of work at the moment and am supposed to be focussed on getting a job… Make me an offer and I’ll sort you something out tomorrow morning!


Excellent I’ll message you

Putting in work, this fella


There is a little workaround. Maybe its useful for you. You can use autoseek with phrases. And its possible to map notes to sample offsets. With beat sync timestrech you would get time streched slice pieces.
Attached a demo song.
timestretch_slicing_offset_phrase_autoseek.xrns (489.6 KB)

Btw. changing the keymap size or position would also change the played slice parts. This can cause happy accidents. :wink:


Thanks for the workaround. I remember nights thinking about how I could make using sample offsets in my phrases a seamless process.

Honestly with sample commands and phrases one can get very creative and I think just about everything is possible. It just doesn’t seem as intuitive for a few things unfortunately :pensive:

All about that workfkow :sunglasses: