Melodic sound sources

I was wondering what the best option would be for sourcing good orchestral instruments like the ones used in this track. I don’t really use many real world instruments in my music but wanted to start and I’ve never been quite sure where was the best place to get them. I tried sampling but I could never re-work the samples with enough freedom to make them sound the way I wanted so I’m thinking VST’s would be a better option?

I know you can get Kontakt and get specific libraries for specific instruments but would something like Omnisphere be a better choice for an all round library of sounds covering a multitude of instruments? Or what would you guys suggest?

Cheers in advance

There are lots of old sound fonts on the Net (CrisisGeneralMidi3.01.sf2 Emu Proteus.sf2)
(Renoise can import .SFZ but it works not good)

vst Player:

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Kontakt should also come with old Vienna samples stock. But VSCO should be good especially free.

Hi You should check the free LABS instruments from Spitfire.