Melodic techno - new track out on Traum

Top of the morning to you!
I have a new track out on the german label Traum (released yesterday, compilation). Appreciate if you check it out, any support is helpful. Made with Renoise + controlling a bunch of hardware: Juno-106, Moog Sub Phatty, Makenoise 0-Coast, Korg Electribe ER-1, Drumbrute Impact, Volca FM and even a little something from my good old Roland JV-1080 :nerd_face:


Full release + other platforms:
Lots of other good tracks on there!



exciting track ^^ loved the early trapez stuff now it has become a kind of redundant sound, but traum is great :ok_hand:

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Thanks for checking it out @schranzonator. Yeah I also like Traum a lot, I think they have great variety compared to a lot of other labels, and still manages to keep a certain red line. And a good team/crew working over there. Yup that kind of quirky bouncy old techno Trapez sound is niice, see a lot of familiar names who released EPs way back on there :slight_smile:

very diverse indeed ^^ this bassfreq stuff i like a lot

I feel like the old school techno sound is very much alive and kicking now. Lots of good stuff being made.

This is a quality production @Denim - love how you evolve the synths through out the track and the mix sounds super punchy and clean.

Got a slight 90s trance vibe with the arps and melodies without getting too cheesy. I probably do like things a bit dirtier and lo fi but I think that’s just a matter of taste. Could see this being payed in an Anjuna set or something like that!

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Hey thanks for your feedback @Lethargik, interesting to hear your take on it, I appreciate that! And funny you mentioned an Anjuna set or something like that - I discovered this yesterday and my jaw kinda dropped :stuck_out_tongue::

…around 34 minutes in, Digweed drops it! W00000t! :nerd_face:


That’s awesome man - well deserved as well!

Well, I would say flawless track or catchy tune! :+1:
It reminds me of “Der Dritte Raum”, at least a little. But it’s not exactly the same style.
I just want to listen to more in that style. Keep it up!

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Thx man! Yeah I remember Der Dritte Raum from the late 90s, they had some good tunes! I often played the “Trommelmaschine” track when I dj’ed back then, good times :slight_smile: