Melody lines and nes midi

After 10 years of using renoise and not reallyg getting anywhere. I know most of the things I need to about sounds. I think what I need is to watch lots of nes tunes in midi or renoise format. To remind my slow mind how to do all the things I have done many times in the past already. As I kind of know but my immediate mind needs to be jogged. Any good sources of nes midi files or nes renoise (native samples/fx) files. This would be a valuable source. I also know from previous experiance that converting console formats to midi can be unclean and glitchy. I think fruity loops is mose successfull as it has loads and loads of clip examples integrated in the piano roll. But my mind is stubborn and will not allow me to have microsoft Operating system as I am well aware Bill Gates is dirty opurtunist (right time right place). Thanks

I hope you’re on Linux and not an apple os system. Nothing is more lolable than apple users calling bill Gates a dirty opportunist :D

My ex girlfriend worked in an apple shop. She was a mean weirdo. She was like a female evil version of me. She didn’t even work at apple for ages and she still tried to sell people apple products.

Renoise opens old tracker formats like .mod & .xm, might not play them back 100% like intended, not sound the same as on the original tracker, but should give you an idea on song structure. Search the web for oldschool mods or something :)

Thats not a bad idea. I have found a linux version of famitracker. I am going to have a look at that first. I also found some nes midi on Zophars domain. Although I have not openes.them just yet. Peace out.