Melodyne 2.0 Works Great With Renoise

just wanted to report that Celemony’s new Melodyne Editor version 2.0 seems to work great together with renoise

i’m running ME2 as a rewire slave from within renoise

i love ME for processing vocals and the new “attack speed tool” is awesome

anyone else running ME2 standalone as a rewire slave here? how does it work for you?


I just bought into Melodyne and would really like to use it in my Renoise workflow. But I’ve never used Rewire and would really appreciate if you would tell me how you have it set up.

Thank in advance

hi stefan

basically i just installed melodyne and then launched renoise

then in renoise i add the native dsp device #ReWire Input on a track

in that dsp device i then select the Melodyne Singletrack from the list of available rewire devices

melodyne is then automatically launched from renoise

i drag and drop a .wav file into the melodyne window from my windows explorer (or load it from the file menu)

i switch to renoise and change the tempo if necessary

i also start/stop the playback from renoise

and of course i place out more vst effects (compressor, eq, reverb, etc) on the track in renoise where melodyne’s audio is coming from

done! :)

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I have Melodyne and it just runs as a regular VST from within Renoise. But I don’t think it’s 2.0, the previous one. I always wanted it, but since I purchased it I’ve never used it!

Hi i trying too rewier input me5 but not working… Nothing in the device list