Melodyne 5 rewire

Hi. Anyone know if Melodyne 5 Essential has rewire so I can run it in Renoise? Tried Melodyne 5 Essential demo but it did not work. it says something online that it should have rewire. Downloaded the Melodyne 2 demo and then it worked. Thought to buy Melodyne 5 Essential on sale now

It should work. I once bought the essential version on sale like it is now and that worked … then later upgraded on another sale to Melodyne 5 assistant and it’s working as well…
Now I just need a use for it :sweat_smile:

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sam here… i guess the ‘editor’ is the next step :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have bought it now, thought of using it to adjust voice samples to songs / remixes I do. Wondering if it’s worth upgrading to the assistant version for my purpose … Want other bpm in the voice with octave lock and be able to fine tune where the voice should be in the sample so it fits the song