melting jazz rhythm n blues.. edit mix 2

op is below… this is my second, erm third mix… I made a big mistake on the last one… anyways, complex hi-hats, they use a lot of ghost notes, and they are giving me mad trouble… so I need to sort that out with practice…



Thanks again for the listens, op below:


tripping face with the Renoise… 100% produced mix mastered inside Renoise… uses vst’s… me sampling guitar…

not my best mix… I’m experimenting with getting a really tripped to hell hi-hat, and I’m not sure if they came out so great here…

you wont believe how many tries, it took me, to get that particular guitar take…

Thank you for your listens


edit = ouch!! I misspelled rhythm… I must be a little tired…


Renoise is zen = warrior!!

Edit again = I know, I made a mistake with my hi-hats real bad… I’m just trying to, “find a unique sound,” so I think I’m to tired to remix right now, but in this track, or my next track, I am going to do the same processing to the hats, but what i will do is hp filtering them much harder… like, “full on hp filtering,” with the cutoff above 1000, and then I will make sure the volume of that stuff is lower in the mix."

I hope this mix is ok enough for the song forum though… I don’t why I am so worried about it now… shucks…

indeed the hihats are very bad mixed, but the guitar presence is also very hidden unfortunately. hardly perceivable here :(

Ah!! Shucks… Total fail I guess. Back to the drawing board with me!!!


Never give up, never surrender!! Fight to the death!

Thanks for the feedback,


Only listened on laptop speakers but hey sounds really cool!! Didn’t turn it off!! :D

Hey… Thanks Cas, that’s awesome.

Its not quite where I want it all yet… I’m still looking for more, “space,” in my orchestration… but I totally appreciate the encouragement.


I like the beat. :)

Nice sounds though guitar is quite buried. Would be great to hear it with brighter sound and closer in the mix.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Very much appreciated

I understand, I’m still looking for the right way to get those guitars in there. :slight_smile:

Good feedback

Cheers 2 both