Memorizing L/R/L+R Selection In Recording Panel?

The left/right/stereo channel selection stays on the last selected channel when I open the recording panel in the sample editor, even after closing and opening Renoise.

Edit: I couldn’t get the title any shorter… ^_^

Yes, this is memorized as the other settings like the mode and if you want to record dry. Whats the problem with this?

I record from a 12 channel audio interface and some instruments I use are mono, but most are stereo. It might be convenient to set it to stereo as default when recording a new sample.

I’ve just checked it in 1.9.1 and weirdly enough I have never noticed this before, I thought it was set to stereo as default but now I see it isn’t… I do a lot more sampling in 2.0 so I record more different instruments I guess…

Which is useful if you only use a single stereo card… Dunno, there are as many reasons for memorizing this option than for not memorizing it.

Does someone else care about this?