Memory Problems

I would like to use several virtual instruments in Renoise together which totally use more than 3.5 GB of memory.
I have a Vista 64 bit pc with 4 GB of ram memory.
Renoise is 32 bit.
Can anyone help me with this?

If you only have 4GB of ram (considering the fact that Windows and its running apps are consuming the first 512MB) there is not really much you can do besides add more RAM, but then you still have the problem that Renoise won’t be able to address over 4GB anyhow.
This really requires a 64-bit edition of Renoise (and you would still be needing more Ram)


For the makers of Renoise: Are there plans for a 64-bit edition of Renoise?
Of course this prg should also be able to handle 32-bit virtual instruments.

Lol, I thought this topic was going to be about alzheimer. :P

render some tracks to wav? sure, probably not what you want to hear but there you go.

Depending on what plugins you’re using, you may try to find out if they support disk streaming to lower RAM usage at the cost of a few more CPU cycles.

OK! Thanks for your tips!

If anyone has more ideas please add them.

I’ll post at Ideas & suggestions section if there are plans for the RNS 64-bit prg.