Menu Mouse Behavior Inconsistent With Os(Es)

in most operating system GUIs, a menu has two modes of operation:

  1. Old style: mouse_down event -> drag pointer to target -> mouse_up event. this is sometimes referred to as the death grip …
  2. Modern style: mouse_down event + mouse_up event (click) -> move pointer to target -> mouse_down event + mouse_up event (click).

on Windows, Renoise has number 2, but not number 1. number 1 is useful for quick motions and is also a normal OS GUI behavior, so the Renoise GUI should behave the same way.

thank you for reading


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Right drag has its own mode of operation in certain areas (eg Sample Editor, Automation window etc) so mode 2 can not be used Globally so makes sense to not enable it anywhere IMO.

As Kazakore already explained, Renoise is full of specific and extra functions you won’t find in most GUI programs, so mouse-functionality differs between the various areas in Renoise.
The forced title case has been a policy for long time, just because there are enough folks that create a topic without checking if they have their capslock on or off.
A few years back we turned it off, but the day it was turned off, a topic with capitals already found its way into to the forums again so no it won’t be turned off again.

hm ok. it’s not a show-stopper at all. just muscle memory is hard to retrain.

yikes!! understood! thanks for explaining :)

I wouldn’t mind the first mode of operation on the top menu (File, Edit, View etc…) though. Seeing the content of the menus while holding down the mouse button, that is.