Menus {File, Edit, View ... } do not work in Ubuntu 18.04 un

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Menus do not work under Enlighenment 0.22.3 in Ubuntu 18.04. I have not experienced this problem with any other application under Enlightenment, and I use E as my window manager for daily computing.
The menus do work in fluxbox.

Are there any debugging options I can use to get information about GUI events?

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This issue was fixed in Enlightenment

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In case anyone wants to use Renoise in Enlightenment stable, you can use the following workaround, until the next stable release of e

$ Xephyr -ac -screen 1920x1000 -reset :1 & sleep 2; DISPLAY=:1 ./renoise

adjust for your screen resolution, you need to install Xephyr, and it assumes renoise is your CWD

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