Menus {File, Edit, View ... } do not work in Ubuntu 18.04 un

Menus do not work under Enlighenment 0.22.3 in Ubuntu 18.04. I have not experienced this problem with any other application under Enlightenment, and I use E as my window manager for daily computing.
The menus do work in fluxbox.

Are there any debugging options I can use to get information about GUI events?

This issue was fixed in Enlightenment

In case anyone wants to use Renoise in Enlightenment stable, you can use the following workaround, until the next stable release of e

$ Xephyr -ac -screen 1920x1000 -reset :1 & sleep 2; DISPLAY=:1 ./renoise

adjust for your screen resolution, you need to install Xephyr, and it assumes renoise is your CWD

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