Meowflakes - Blackout // my try at electro

I usually work with the 909 in my other tracks but i really like the way electro utilizes the 808. So i decided to give it a go. Used a simple synth and just had some general fun with the adsr

This is one of my tracks from an ep I just released. enjoy!

thanks for the input, i agree about the ducking, i could put a signal follower on a few tracks. glad i passed lol I really like electro and would like to explore it more in the future so good to know i made something decent

Enjoyed this. Particularly when the hats come in, makes me want to break dance like it was the 80 ’ s again (except I dance like a drunk at a suburban pub, so i will stick to tapping my feet and nodding my head). Can’t really comment on the kick as I am listening on my phone. Like how you built on the original groove too.