Meowflakes - うさぎ

Used sailor moon samples in this one. Earlier someone asked me “why sailor moon?” and my reply was “because sailor moon is awesome”. Even though i am a guy, i grew up in the 90’s and that shit was on all the time but it was actually kinda good and kinda cool.

for the last little while i always wanted to do a techno sailor moon track but all the samples i could gather had terrible quality and sounded like it was ripped from a cassette recorder that recorded from vhs on an old tv. I’ll come back and give it another go once i find better samples.


Just native or external vst? Love your mellow sound.

all the effects are native except for the delay effect on the one synth that sounds reversedish, i used the “filtered quarters” preset in replicant. I use that vst quite often because it gives really unique delays.
I usually like to keep it all native though :)

The melody style is common. But it’s one I don’t mind hearing over and over again.
I don’t know much about Sailor Moon. But the vocal samples in the beginning were cool.
I like the effect at 0.45. I didn’t think you carried the opening on too long. Good job!
Still not tired of hearing that vocal sample.
Common drum beat. That’s okay. You’re making good use of it.
I like my beats complex, but I’m okay with the simple beats you’ve used here.
1.33, nice transition.
I would already make this a song on my “chill out playlist”, so you’ve earned a place in my semi-regular rotation.
2.30, Still digging it. Okay, nice, you come in with another instrument.
As a lover of more complex melodies, I keep expecting to hear a few more notes. But it’s your style, do it the way that makes you happy.
The vocal samples return. Good deal. 3.31.

4.05 I can go ahead and make my final judgment of the song.
Common elements used in a nice way. Nothing new or groundbreaking, but it doesn’t need to be.
Just remember I’m one man. Keep doing what you’re doing, especially if it makes you happy. You’re the audience you should be composing for.
props to the renoise community.
And if you’re not a paying renoise user, you should consider it. It’s worth ten times what you pay.