Merge AND PLAY TWO instruments as one

is it possible to do this I mean play two vsti or two samples cheers ?

Of course. Every tracker can do this. That was the common working method in the past with trackers only having 4 tracks like for example Protracker on Amiga (back then I sampled every pattern to get a loop, and with this trick I was able to have 16 tracks in a tracker with only 4 tracks - one loop with 4 recorded tracks set on each track). And in case of Renoise you can expand your track to several more tracks by clicking on the upper left plus sign. That’s what I do every time when I create chords. And no sample or else gets cutted by the next one.

I would suggest to open a single thread for all your questions like this. :wink:

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sick coz i have two sfzs from detunoized release and sustain was wondering how to put them together this week has just been about learning stuff

how could I merge two xrni as one instrument

because I have both a sustain and release and there separate patches for sfz or xrni

I’m afraid theres, no way to combine two instruments that easy, or maybe someone made a tool for this?
There used to be a tool for merging songs, but i can’t recall any who combines instruments.
The easiest would probably be to simply duplicate the track including patterns and then use the side panel option to swith instruments in the entire track. But that won’t help if you want them to play simultanously when hitting keys on your keyboard.

yeah no in reason its very easy to do u can asd them together and mix them he adds them seperately ( detunized ) the piano and the release sounds ) i combined them when i used reason but i dont know how in renoise cheers

You can connect two instruments if you use one regular instruments and one VST, but it would have been neat to combine two or more regular instruments too.
Of course you could make the instrument by using different samples, modulation sets and so on and build it so that it would work as if it was two different instruments, but that is not an as fast and painless option if you already have the two different instruments, especially if they’re of the more advanced type. If they are just samples and no macros it can be done by dragging the samples into the Keyzones from the browser.

just samples there sfz and samples and I saved them as xrni just as is no macros

Then it should be very easy to combine the instruments, just navigate to the instrument, expand it and you will see the samples. Select the samples and drag them into the keyzones. Before you drop them you will see a preview of how they will be placed in the keyzones. If there is 12 samples per octave you drop it at the top.

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