Merge Notes In Pattern

I.e. No note polyphony. Say I have a pattern with the following:

 D-300 3E -------- --------  
 -------- -------- --------  
 -------- F-300 3E --------  
 -------- -------- --------  
 -------- -------- A-300 3E  
 -------- -------- --------  

Is there a way to get a single column in the pattern like this?:

 D-300 3E  
 F-300 3E  
 A-300 3E  

I have tried searching the manual and forums for an answer to this, but no luck…

It could be that I am missing the obvious :slight_smile:


Manually, select the note-column, cut it out (alt-F3), in the Advanced edit, check the “Mix-Paste” checkbox then alt-F5 to paste the contents into the track where you want to merge the content.
I thought someone wrote a tool doing something similar, but i can’t find it.

Thanks, that does it, but it is a bit cumbersome.
…Maybe I should write such a tool :wink: Would be really nice!

Would LOVE to have such a tool - merging notes into one column would speed up some of my sloppy work in pieces I’m remixing!

The Piano Roll Editor tool has a sub tool that does that. It actually does two things. Separate a column into several columns the notes of the 10 octaves. Or merge all the notes into a single column, where possible.

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Also doesn’t the tool ‘VoiceRunner’ have a Merge option(?) New tool (3.1): VoiceRunner

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Cool! I did not remember that - I wish I wasn’t near the end of my remixing project. You make great tools!