Merge songs or import a part of a song

Hi there,

Is it possible merge two songs (including instruments and VSTs) or import a part of a song (few patterns) into another one?


No, not in any full sense.

I’ve managed to copy patterns by opening 2 instances of Renoise (tricky in itself) and then copying and pasting patterns from one song to another.

This only works if the two songs have the same (or usable) instruments loaded, since the data copied from a pattern is going to reference specific instrument numbers.

Thanks James for the idea.
I’m going to try virtual machine.
The problem is, I have a really complex part recorder in one file and just written a good track in another file, and wanted to combine this.
The only option is to print all patterns a reproduce it in another file, which is crazy :slight_smile:
Thanks one more time!

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