Merge Tracks?

I opened up some of my old Fasttracker tunes and found some that i would liek to make new mixes of. Opening theses songs every notecolumn has it’s own track. I searched the wiki pages, and the forum but couldnt find any info on how to do this, maybe it’s not implemented? If it’s not it defenetly should.

Merging a selection of tracks into 1 but with more notecolumns & effectcolumns (if used) would be awesome =) I have so many old Fast Tracker songs that i’d like to freshen up, and it would take forever to copy and paste everything by hand.

In someof these old songs have a piano melody spreading over 10 tracks, but i would love to merge it all to one track but more notecolumns, for better strocture and overview, and i dont have to assign DSP’s and effects to every single track. :P