Merge Tracks


Most of my songs use alot of tracks. I would like to merge that down to 8 for use with gridpie (I realize gridpie can handle more than 8 tracks, but I’m not sure I can).

Is it possible to merge the midi data of two tracks, so that they end up in two collumns in one track?

Merge Tracks? I take Copy & Pasta the data into the same Tracks isn’t good enough for you? How are you planning on handling different tracks having different effects on them?

Copy and pasting a single column is easy to. Go to top of column you want, (with Pattern Wrap On) Press Shift+UP. Press Ctrl+C. Go to top of column you want to paste it in. Press Ctrl+V.

My plan was to do this mainly with similar tracks, that could share fx. But you’re right it’s not the best solution. Actually I should kindly request duplex to be able to hide subtracks in a group.

But today I pressed “some option” in launchpad/duplex/gridpie and now my launchpad scrolls 8 tracks instead of 1, which makes it possible (I think) to work with the tracks un-merged…

Must test more :slight_smile: