Merry Christmas From Denmark

hi fellow renoisers

as im going on christmas holiday tommorow,and wont have access to the interweb until the 26 of december.

i would like to wish a merry christmas to my fellow renoisers and the renoise team. :D


kind regards
michael AKA Scandinavian Noize SYndicate

Cheers dude, have a great one!

Merry Christmas from France !

AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhh denmark …I just spend there 4 months in copenhagen from july till beginnin november
stayin in the bushes around ’ CHRISTIANIA’ then squated a house with some earthlings …crazy /awesome time …copenhagen + foreigners in christiania = crazy :ph34r: :w00t:
You to man …greetings from belgium …then spain …travel the world/ seek for electricity …to track :lol:

christiane saeys

maria orts