Merry F#cking Christmas

just a early merry fricking christmas from denmark

f#ck christmas and keep tracking

(christmas isent my thing this year)

“(christmas isent my thing this year)”

As a child i was bombed with all the happy stories about this event. Every was in these days not the same as the rest of the year.
My mother is too deep in this illusion and has her lifetime (now 62 years old) not managed to go outside and have an overview.
Thats makes me these days really sad the first time :(

A near death has changed in my life.

Indeed. ^^


im like oding on food stuffs atm

Religion may be the evil plague that oppresses the masses and never dies… but that won’t stop me from enjoying the positive, secular aspects of this multicultural holiday season. I’m going out to the country to play Wii games with family, and taking some well needed time off to work on music.

But yeh… YHVH’s a sham… and I wish people would stop putting so much emphasis on his storybook son’s birth and start putting more emphasis on the birth of their own children.

Ragh ragh ragh. Blah blah blah. <_<


F#cking Christmas ;)

Hurrah. Christmas. Currently having the traditional fight with my girlfriend. I’m glad I can take refuge at my brother’s this year, as he moved a block away. Let’s make the most of this, producing, gaming, eating, drinking, snorting k.

christmas is tracking time.

while I am tracking, my dog loves to sleep on my legs, having his head on my right hand, so I am seriously learning one-hand tracking :)

Praise Christ.


Merry christmas to you too!

Santa called. Something about a ‘Renoise’.

mines a proper one…kiss

Merry Christmas :D

I just sang a ‘When a child is born/Jingle bells’ medly whilst having a big plop.
Merry christmas trackers!

happy xmas my tracker friends! keep tracking into 2010!