Message To Sinatra

hi sinatra,

since you forgot your cellphone in cow country, hansee and myself have decided to stock up on beer and cigarettes and go wake you up. since you probably read the renoise forums more than you check your phone right now - i figured this was a good way to give you a heads up.

see you in about 30 minutes. you dont know it yet, but in 3 hours you will be drunk LOL!!1


There is a such thing as private messaging ;)

Get an Ouija board you two!

wow. I got visit0rs. sweet

For a second I thought you were realeasing a tune called “Message To Sinatra - Get Ready For Hell”… IT SADDENED ME MUCHLY. Now that it turns out to be a misinterpretation, I am very happy. So thanks you rascals you, with your alcohol drinking antics!

oh wow, there is more than one sinatra. i thought he was trying to contact the dead american one :P

Yeah. I missed you…
Let’s catch up at BP09 :dribble:

You know Frank Sinatra - he`s dead

Uhm… BP09?

Seriously, I’ll be there for sure this time since it should take me just 20 minutes to get to Bingen from now on. :)

Ha ha ha, that’s what I thought too.