Messiah Studio

just saw a thread about this on KVR and thought i would share it here

Usually, this software is between $500 for standard and even $1200 for the Pro version.

How would you like a TOTALLY LEGAL copy for $10 (standard) or $40 (pro)?

They are doing a viral marketing test - pretty much their version of a group buy - to see if it would be successful.

If you are interested, follow this link:

Pass it on and help get this all the way so we all get this software for 95% off!!!

Nice, thanks for sharing! :)

Looks really nice. I’ll wait for a little while to think about it. I always found 3Dmodelling interesting.

I think I’d like Blender 3D even more and thats free :D

im having this idea about getting into animation and make small animation music videos for my tracks,but i think it will take some learning before that happens

didnt knew about blender 3d looks awesome will have a look

From what I’ve read messiahStudio isn’t actually for the modeling process, but solely for the rigging and animating of models. It also has its own render engine…

yeah,i have downloaded a program called sculptris that does modeling its free (from what i can tell)and its fairly straight forward to use

I’ve been doing 3D modelling for a couple of years now , 3d max and I am fairly good at 3D modeling ( mostly edge , polygon modelling and a bit of nurbs )
DId some little assignements , for web design etc …but I tell you one thing , You will have to dedicate A lot of time /research if you want to be good at it , I am not just talking about modelling , but lightning/texturing etc… (which is an artdiscipline in itself )
I focussed on modelling and texturing , tipped some toes into animation but didn’t spend to much on it , I will do so in the future
A lot of people want to get into 3d only to find out that it requires to much time and effort and instead download some plugins to show of their simulated explosions/particle renderings and collisions on you tube … (
Get yourself blender , which has been totally revamped gui wise and is a lot more user friendly compared to older versions , it is mostly shortcut based but it is verry powerfull , you 'll have to give it some time though .
A verry good modeller with no render engine is 'silo ’ from nevercenter based on 'subdivision surfaces '…there are also a lot of freeware renderengines out there .
Good luck