Messing With Stretching

Time-stretching tiny looping samples in Renoise 3.2 produces some strange, unexpected results.

So many (delicious!) artifacts!

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This gets into some beautiful additive synthesis / FFT territory. Beautiful!

I was tipped off to this by a user on Twitter: the spectrograph creates intricate patterns with this technique. Looks real nice when the Block Size is set to maximum.


Thanks, that was pretty inspiring.I added a handful of equal length sounds to a multisample instrument gave them all a different stretch value and then created chords in the phrase editor with per sample option activated. I get the craziest sounds out of it. adding pattern fx to the phrase, linking them to different mod sets, this is crazy fun. changing the beatsync value by pfx or envelopes would be nice to have.

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all that from a humble beat sync

love it.

and agreed length control via pattern fx would be big fun