Meta Device Suggestions

It would be really nice if you could change the keep/mute for a Send Device from the tracker.

Also, it’d be awesome if you could “restart” the LFO or something. I have a few really slow changing LFOs in tracks and it’d be cool if I could get it consistent every time I play a song (which I guess I could just manually do with envelopes)

LFO reset is already featured:

x600 where x is the position in the DSP chain

It would be nice if the lfo reset could work like this:

x600 - lfo starts from the low peak
x680 - lfo starts from 0 (like x600 currently does)
x6FF - lfo starts from the high peak

and ofcourse you could also use the inbetween values.

Did this make sence?

Yup, start phase determined by command. And negative modulation. And upper max freq. And LFO sync. And speed shown in Hz.

another interessting thing maybe on the LFO: a kind of elastic value-push of the frequency or amplitude > you can set a pattern command and the amplitude will be pushed up for a short moment to a higher or lower value and comes slowly (like elastic band) back to the starting value … same could be possible with the frequency of the LFO … interessting, isn’t it?!


In addition to the existing LFO reset command, I’d really love to see the ability to also set the position/phase as well as the direction of the LFO.


yep, double bump :D

and easy ticksync like delay has 8)

Yeah! Rubber Legs and Robert are right!
Even though the virtual AMKorn is f****ing with RL! (NOT literally)