Meta Device That Generates "pattern Commands"

Oh no, another suggestion!!!

A metadevice that generates “pattern commands” for the track that the device is assigned to. …hmmmm…I have given it a bit of thought, and I think it would be really useful

However, there’s are a few nitbits that need be discussed:

  • If the metadevice GUI consists of four sliders (one for each pattern command value), how do you repeat the command multiple times? Would simple automation be enough?
  • Secondly, does these generated events take precedence of existing/potentially conflicting pattern commands (real ones as well as other generated ones)
  • Anything I haven’t thought of…



The rack devices are actually invented to replace pattern effect commands (or actually prevent creating new commands). Most of those commands are actually for compatability to other trackers (and being able to import modules from those trackers). I personally favor for the possibility in the future these commands disappear in whole (having an alternative for it) and only a few inevitable commands remain (like retrig, delay and note-cut commands as well as commands to control the rack effects).

Hi vvoois, again, sorry for the delay in my reply!

When I read you reply, I think we agree. The problem right now, is that no rack device exist that is able to replace all commands that are available in the pattern editor. For instance, it would be wicked to allow an LFO to control the reverse command (B00/B01), but this is currently not possible.

So if there is an ongoing discussing of how this could be implemented, just point me in the direction. I searched the forum before I wrote my post, and didn’t come up with anything.

If there is not such a discussion, I guess we just started it here and now :lol:

No, not with Renoise it’s internal possibilities. However Glitch can help you with this particular wish and not only with internal samples.
You can apply an LFO device on glitch.
Why don’t you have a look around to see what types of VST effects are around to please your desire for variations of internal effects?

Yes, I already make use of Glitch to achive something simular (respect to dBlue btw.), but strictly speaking it is not the same thing. I can “scrub” the sample using B01 and B00 commands, while Glitch works more like an inline sampler, always recieving new data as we progress along the timeline.

So instead, try to give my suggestion a bit of extra thought…imagine controlling the tempo with an LFO? Just hook the F command to an LFO device and you’re able to slow down, or accelerate the beat in realtime! …

Imagine B01/B00 commands, but mapped to a MIDI controller? See that world of new opportunities? :)

Only question is how hard it would be for the developers to implement, and what issues that would need to be adressed


Tempo Metadevice, here we come! :D

I can see issues with vst plugins that don’t catch the time perimiters (or don’t expect themto change that vividly), i can see issues with MIDI equipment that cannot follow the changes or at least when the speed is constantly changing.
But this is currently already the case using the speed commands for certain plugins.
in NE this will even be a more issue if you use speed to change the tempo variations as less plugins can deal with inaccurate rounded bpm rates (speeds other than 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12).
But actually the architecture of Windows makes this all a bit unfair because lots of delay issues find it’s root from that type of hardware approach design.
I guess this option will work out better on a Mac.

…? I doubt that, I think the DSP effects were “invented” to provide DSP effects? But then again that’s just a guess.

copy and paste from the current effects list page:

IMHO these 17 are “inevitable”

00xy - Arpeggio
01xx - Pitch Slide up
02xx - Pitch Slide down
04xy - Volume slicer
05xx - Glide to note
06xx - Volume slide up
07xx - Volume slide down
09xx - Trigger sample offset
0axx - Sample Surround width
0bxx - Play sample backwards
0dxx - Delay notes
0exy - Retrig notes
0fxy - Vibrato
XYzz - Send zz (00 - ff) value to parameter Y (0 - e) of vst/dsp effect number X (0 - e)
fb00 - Pattern break
ff00 - Stop all track effects and notes.

IMHO These 7 are “replacable”…

08xx - Set panning
03xx - Set Channel volume (00 - ff) (this would need automation then)
f1xx - Set songspeed (this would need automation then)
f0xx - Set BPM (20 - ff) (this would need automation then)
f2xx - Set trackrouting to channel xx (this would need automation then)
0cxx - Set track-volume (00-ff)
fcxx - Set mastervolume (00 - ff)

… but really, just consider them shorcuts to XYzz, hardwired to the “volume DSP”? Of course it would/will be useful to automate those using envelopes etc., but there will remain some way to control them by pattern commands anyway, it might just be named differently… so in short I think it’s a myth that we have all these old useless pattern effects. Most of them make perfect sense, I even think there could be more. But yeah, everything that can get an envelope should get one, I do agree with that 100%.