Meta Devices Hold Multiple Copies

It seems to me that when I want to have multiple meta devices like LFO or signal follower, it quickly gets out of hand in terms of them all sitting in serial. It would save space and be nicer if I could add multiple LFOs to a single LFO device, multiple signal followers to a signal signal follower device etc.

It would just make things tidier. I don’t like having loads of meta devices sat in serial - meta devices don’t represent signal flow, it just makes things confusing and takes up space.

Any takers? This kind of feeds into other discussions about better/more flexible effect handling, grouping, parallel fx chains etc. Tracker users love the bottom-up building block approach, but when this involves many tens of FX devices in one track it gets out of hand pretty quickly!

Sounds like nice idea. What parts of it could be replaced with multiple modulation destinatons for one meta device? I guess signal follower and velocity tracker and key tracker are all devices that have one possible input per track, so if we could have multiple destinations with independent amount and scaling options there would really be need to only one or just a few of them. Yes, hydra for workaround, but it is so much more hassle. Setting Hydra up is not really intuitive for me, it does not even have learn function.

As for LFOs I think this is good idea, but it would be nice to have some kind of visual feedback about which LFO is modulating which device.

i’d be more interested in a general purpose combinator-device. to quote Conner, ‘behold, the Doofer-thread’.

We’re possibly talking about different things.

The “doofer” device sounds like a hydra and it’s target devices wrapped up in one, and that’s a great idea. However I’m just talking about saving screen estate by making each meta device able to hold more than one of it’s “type” of controller, whether it be XY pad, LFO or whatever else.

Either way, we’re all basically on the same page!