Metal Mickey Wont Show In 2.6 Rc1

i had this plug-in for a long time ago,and there was never problems in the earlier renoise versions,but i just downloadet this plug-in again yesterday.but i cant get it to show up in renoise 2.6 RC1

it works in all my other hosts/audio editors but not in renoise

heres the link

if you have problems downloading the vst then please pm me and i will share it with you(it is free so there shouldnt be a problem)

the downloads links for this plugin are mostly dead links

right click and save as
im on windows xp btw

I had no problem loading the plugin. I’m on Windows XP Pro SP3.

Did you rescan for new plugins in Renoise?

i just tried it again,i had to delete the plug-in folder and place it in a different folder,before it would show,thats weird but atleast now it works thanks