Metal With Renoise Is Possible

the band is playing…

melon head

renoise 1.27

:yeah: :drummer: :guitar: :guitar:

btw where is song-forum gone to ?

interesting piece of music indeed.
really digged the last part with the lead guitar.
guitars are live performed and sampled or VSTi?
i guess mixing ain’t perfect here tho, sounds a bit cramped sometimes… maybe too much low freq. on the guitar playing the powerchords?

concerning the song forum question:…fa533a1f80d3c18

please listen to real metal before you say “it’s metal” :lol:

no metal-drum-sounds (toooo soft basedrums / snaredrums)
no fat guitars … may be get Steinberg Virtual Guitar VSTi for better guitars or whatever

but overall a nice piece of music

I didn’t have any doubt metal is possible with ReNoise, though :)

if progressive rock is possible, then everything is :rolleyes:


well, I would not bound a genre to a specific kind of sound: in my opinion, you can make metal with orchestral instruments aswell. I think a genre is labeled by the sensations it gives rather than the sounds you hear.

general you are right and i agree with you … but with your thesis the are no gengres and you must agree: musical gengres are build by musical and acoustic characteristics.

basil’s song is something between rock, a touch of punk, a little bit progressive stuff and in the end of the song it sounds funny like in pop-music … but heavy-metal? ;)

… but it’s not so important … a nice piece of music!

this year i get to know a very interessting musician. he is no renoise user, but makes fantastic instrumental music with cool electronic sounds and fat guitars played by herself.

listen to it: MAXXESS

Bal-Sagoth rocks ;)

I really like ‘The Dark Liege Of Chaos Is Unleashed At The Ensorcelled Shrine Of A’zura-Kai’ which happens to be the song with the longest name I have aswell :lol:

This style of music is very much appreciated… Can I place Haggard in this list too? Also very impressive gothic rock (i think).

Anyone know more bands like this?

I loved the first Raphsody’s album, even if in that period I had given my heart to Cinic, Death (my signature is a tribute to the genius Chuck Schuldiner) and Aghorà… What do you think about them?? :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

mekkah: as you could expect, I loved Death’s music.
Indeed once I’ve replied to your signature with “So vivid” :) :drummer:

Yes I remember… And I answered you “yet at the same time”
I think we cold go on for years with Symbolic’s lyrics… :) :)

You are drummer, aren’t you??
Bill Andrews, Sean Reinert, Gene Hogland and Richard Christie (Death’s drummers who alternated themselves during the hystory, for those who don’t know this band): masters of metal drumming!! No?? :drummer: :drummer:

guitars are VSTi ;)

I uploaded a new mix
melon head (rF)

bad mixing example :

-> melon radio edit

:yeah: :drummer:

btw Edge of Sanity rules

Dimmu Borgir’s latest album – Death Cult Armageddon – is melodical black metal to the extreme… I don’t care much for the devil-promoting lyrics in some of the songs, but there’s one song that I find truly magnificient; Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse (linked to a RAM-file… yeah yeah, I know. At least it’s free…)

Oh, and by the way…! Gene Hogland is The Best ever!! :D :D
Have you heard Strapping Young Lad? It’s his “new” band. Starring Devin Townsend on vocals and lead-guitar!! Strapping Young Lad homepage for more info… shameless promoting;)

yes Strapping Young Lad rules, but I think devin did this because of his brain-tumor … anyway good sound :D

… I used ReFX Slayer 1.52 for the guitars
… NI Kontakt 1.1.1 and 32bit samples for the drums

thats all ;)

Hey Basil, which VST did you use for the Bass guitar?
And where did you get those drum samples?

Great work, reminds me a lot of early Young Gods stuff.

bass guitar made with reFX Slayer 1.51.
dunno where I found those drum samples. … anyway, you dont nead HQ sounds to gain realistic sound… It´s the way how you track and how you resample them. I tried to copy Korg´s AI2 Synthesis with NI Kontakt.