Metaplugin in Renoise

Hi all,

I’ve been back and forth with DDMF for the last few days and their last email told me they don’t know what the issue is and they have no further ideas so wanted to post here in case anyone else has a suggestion:

Fault description: No audio is routed to the outputs from Metaplugin using the Sendit module

Steps to reproduce: Load new track, load any sample, place sample in Track 1. Load Sendit on Track 1 and set it to “send” on “ch1” with passthrough off

Load Metaplugin in Track 2, load into Metaplugin Sendit, set Sendit to receive on ch1 and wire outputs from Sendit to Audio Out

What should happen: Sample on Track 1 should now be played through Track 2

What actually happens: No sound is heard, eventually CPU limit is hit, song stops playing

I’m running 64 bit Metaplugin 3 on 64 bit Renoise 3.1.0 on 64 bit Windows 7

I only have one instance of sendit.dll on my computer so we can rule out mixing 32/64 bit versions. It was also suggested that since there was no audio already on Track 2, Renoise might be gating that output so I tried adding a kick drum sample to Track 2 but was still not hearing anything sent from Track 1

While playing about the other night I did eventually get this working for about 10 mins, then it crashed my machine and hasn’t worked since

I’ve tried two different computers, one running Intel, the other AMD and both give the same results

Any help would be very much appreciated!