Methods For Sampling

I know plenty of artists sample from films, clips, windows sounds (heaven forbid) but yeah… What program do you guys use and how?

I used to use an flv converter that if you changed the settings could produce an audio file. Lost the program… Looking for a better one lol

getting a turntable really soon so that will be my main method of sampling soon, but for 5the time being i’ve just been searching youtube for jazz/classical/ambient/whatever, listening to it, and if i like it i just download and convert the flv and use that lol. : (

I use a firefox plugin called Download Helper that can auto convert the flv to wav or whatever you want, pretty nifty

I sample directly from my turntable (Technic 1200 md3) into my Vestax PMC-13 mk2 (she’s a beaut with a nice mirror finnish <3) or audio card and run that through Adobe Audition and then add my effects and rename it different file names for different approaches to the sample… Ie. Sample - normal, Sample - with distortion etc… I ever really record with Renoise… I personally try to limit as much as possible… More recently I record into Reaper. I also useto use Sound Forge but these days Adobe is much more attractive for the kinds of things I need.
I’m getting REAL BIG into feild recording although right now I sample alot less than I use to I will be sampling much more in the future. =D. I would DEFINITLY recomend Adob Audition 3… Kudos!!!


youtube is a massive source of cool stuff, if you don’t mind the low quality. i use a piece of software called Xvideoservicethief (windows). feed it a youtube url (haven’t tried other sites but should probably work) and it lets you convert to all sorts of formats, among others mp3, so that’s just perfect.

also, check out ubuweb, the internet archive and sites for scanner radio frequencies and stuff like that. i have a turntable but have never used it for sampling. sometimes is sample my dog with my Zoom H4 but often i find it way too much trouble (hours of walking after the dog, trying to get it to emit sounds…)

speaking of turntables, what’s your opinion on the Audio-Technica AT-PL120? I dont have much to spend (probably $300-350 max), basically just want to sample and scratch.

And also im gonna have to check out adobe audition sometime, i have it but never played around with it much

that’s wrong on sooo many levels dude :blink:

I imagine never*? (not being pedantic I promise) I actually havent tried recording directly into Renoise… I was looking top figure out how one may go about opening a renoise file for playing live and then singing through a track with the desired DSTs. Anyway. All this turntable talk is very confusing lol. thanks for your tip about Audition, I will bear that in mind.

Keep responses coming :) This is likely to be my only ever successful thread haha

Sometimes I sample from online video by changing my driver in renoise and rerouting the default driver for the OS sound-system.
2 step process, technically all internal.
It’s just like an audio loop-back, but without the loop-back,
because if it loops back it would be a real echoey mess with possible accompanying feedback loop.
So I just pay attention to the times where the sample starts and ends, watch the levels and go back to watching whatever I was viewing.

Could be nice to have a macro do this completely in the background I guess:
reroute drivers>>>record into renoise instrument slot>>>select new instrument slot>>>reroute drivers.

Maybe even just a hotkey or combo for immediate sampling in renoise.

Sounds awesome lol… How do you actually do that??

I use 2 audio devices, one is an onboard realtech that I use mainly and the other a maudio 2496 audiophile.
The maudio2496 has a monitor mode, so then after setting it to default device anything that uses the OS default device (like firefox, VLC, video games etc) to play anything through it can be recorded.
Switching the device is just going into control panel/Sound or system/audio midi and setting a different default device, win7 makes this pretty easy, a little more involved if I do this in OSX, but the same.

Then in renoise switching the device to asio, this then lets renoise use the maudio2496 to record and realtech to play.
I shouldn’t have wrote anything about drivers earlier as it is more confusing as it sounds, but it’s pretty much what I do.
Then after this I just switch it back because the maudio physical output is only connected to an Akai, and the onboard realtech connected to my headphone amp.

Recently bought an Akai S3000xl so I’ve been using the maudio 2496 more for sampling from renoise, as the S3000xl has an extraordinary DSP.

I use TimeMachine on Linux and tidy up afterwards in Renoise. Click one button, it writes the last twenty seconds of audio running in to it to disk. - one of the sickest things in the universe if you have it running all the time you’ll never miss a sound again.

Sadly I’ve had to migrate back to Windows recently… I route sound out of my internal soundcard in to my Kaoss Pad and can grab four sounds on that. Sometimes I may even plug that in to ableton so I can grab the output of my KP with that.

Man we need jack on windows…

That looks good. Will have to check that out in more depth but looks ideal (must be direct-drive). DJs will probably tell you to change the cart but of that kinda stuff, I know nothing, but it’s worth looking into in any case

Wow; didn’t know about that. I’ve got a couple of old Dell XP machines which’ll run Linux fine. Going to check this out and maybe look at having a box on a mixer send for this express purpose. Cheers for the heads-up

Oh dear, that does not sound like a great way of working considering the former situation!

A long time ago I bought a Sony MiniDisc to do field recording. Great, you could get sounds on to it but can you get the sounds out? Thanks Sony DRM. Went back to the old portable DAT and maybe that’s something you should look at; a portable field recorder like a Zoom thing-y (there are loads)? Record onto card and then import back in? Probably get better results than sampling back in again

Anyway, although sampling from YouTube is fun and can provide basic ideas for tracks (which I do all the time), unless you’re after a particular low-l-o-w-LoFi sound, the samples are not much good apart from inspiration. The USB deck and car-boot sales seems to be the best solution. Jeez, used to cut and (literally) paste (cassette) tape. How those rainy days flew past… :blink:

Whoah lol… aren’t there simpler ways? lmao

I’m one Windows 7 64 bit if that helps anyone lol

this tool does excact the same (on windoze).

I recorded in audacity before, but now i just record from renoise level. It does job good.

Installed it, but it’s a 30 day trial unless I purchase, which I mean is okay, but really I’m looking for a free one if I’m honest. Save the pennies you know lol?

Recording computer sounds in audacity for some reason does notn work at all for me :S I spent hours messing around with it, just doesn’t work haha. What is Renoise level? or how do I record using renoise? I didnt think that was possible?