Metro Hypnotis - Renoise only :)

Hello !

This composition was made with Renoise 3.4.2, without any instrument or virtual or midi effect.
You can download xrns file here :

It’s quite electro but I included a violin sample (from LooperMan website) and composed a more oldschool melody at the end… good listening :slight_smile:


Pretty excellent!

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Man that was excellent!!!Congrats

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Thanks guys ! :slight_smile:

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Melody is great but this over echo… :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh ok, thanks for you review

Good work. I was (pleasantly) surprised by the way it transitions from a quirky pop intro to trance (around 50 seconds). The hat sound is a bit loud for me (and maybe pitched a bit flat) but you’ve got an excellent tune here.

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many thanks @ID_Crisis :slight_smile:

in all my tracks, mastering is my problem.

I am satisfied with my melody but indeed with hindsight, the sound is not necessarily what I would have liked to render in the end

this tune is great. Great job!!!

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Woo :slight_smile: , many thanks @dspasic !!