Metron Tracker (Unreal Engine 5)

Just saw this, in-house tracker DAW plugin, Metron! in Unreal Engine 5.


Looks like it uses a ton of gpu and maybe cpu resources…

That´s what i am thinking.
It is a nice idea but a game engine with so much overhead is not exaclty the right platform for music creation.
I used to do dynamic game music in Renoise and exported section and timing metadata to be able to sync it with game-projects later on.
A VST plugin loader inside a game engine would be useful, especially for realtime sound fx.
But then again, we already had that on the C64.

(Overblown) game engines are for pussies anyways :wink: .
C++ and OpenGL will get you a long way with minimal overhead and resource usage.
If one has the time and energy ofcourse.