Metronome And Time Signatures

Hi. I have been trying to get a riff that I’m playing by hand to fit into a Renoise pattern. I’ve tried turning on the metronome as a guide but I don’t think my riff is in 4/4 time. Is there a way you can change which beat the metronome beats high on? (e.g. 3/4 or 5/4 timing etc)


Preferences > Audio > Metronome

You can adjust the number of beats per bar to, say, 5. And the overall tempo is adjusted by changing the lines per beat value.

Thanks I’ll give that a try later when I get home. I hope you can modify it on the fly (ie. when a pattern is playing). Not being greatly musical, I’m finding that I can come up with some good riffs but I have trouble making them ‘fit’ into a pattern. Previously everything I did would fit into 4/4 64-line patterns but I’d like to break away from those constraints and do something more natural… The fear of course is that what I’m doing is 4/4 time but has some dodgy notes such as triplets.

Are the any video tutorials out there that give Renoise users insight in how to record and then time fit or quantize afterwards? It would be great to be able to do this without entering notes one at a time as I usually do. Doing each note individually I usually end up losing the right Midi velocities etc.

Ouch, no this is not changable on the fly… You can add a metronome pattern into a track yourself and then play with various LPB / BPM settings and use delay tricks or simply use the song-groove to change the grooves of your own personal metronome, but there is currently no “groove manager” for the metronome as you suggest.