Metronome Pre-counting

Today i was experimenting with ‘live recording’ using the build in metronome. I might be as blind as a bat, but i couldn’t find a pre-count option anywhere. I’d like to hear a measure or two to strike a few keys and ‘get into’ the right tempo before the actual recording starts.

I might be just me, but i can’t find such option anywhere?


It’s not there, but you can always use the old trick in the book: use a pre-pattern to run up to your counting (an empty pattern to prerun prior to the real pattern you want to start recording) and give it the length of three measures, give it the name countdown in the sequencer. There’s your initial countdown pattern :D

Hey Vince! Haven’t seen you in a while. Good to see you around in here :)

Thanks for your respond. I never was aware of the fact that you could set the lenght for each individual pattern. I never needed that :)

An official ‘pre-count’ is more professional, but this will do!

See ya!

I have always been lurking around.

pre-count option is probably not too hard to do, but you can post it in the suggestions area…

(actually i would like a start-upon-keypress more while the meteronome is running in the background, this is even more professional)