Metronome/time Signature

hey there

am a fresh-faced, wide-eyed renoise user and ran into the apparently common issue of changing time signatures.

I’ve created a sample with a 3/4 swing and I’ve changed the pattern length to 48, speed 06 and highlighting every 3 lines in GUI. Theoretically the phrase is already in 3/4 but my metronome is still set to 4/4 time.

How do I change this?



You can change this in the Preferences window, at the first section - Audio. The bottom panel has the metronome settings. For your case, main click at 12 and sub click at 4 would give you what you need.

This is a global setting though, so once you change it, it stays like that. You should manually set it for every song.

You can customize your own metronome using 1 Track and several Columns.
The advantages is that its both audio/visual, you can combine several pulses, and mute/unmute poly metronome clicks.
You have to create a short one shot sample for the clicks.