Metronome Volume..

Let us be polite. There’s a lot much-asked-for features not implemented. Taktik may have his own reasons and priorities. What we know for certain is that there’s lots of small og big feature requests - and that Taktik has limited time and resources at his disposal.

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@Drop_Shadow. Maybe you have not understood the comment. No one is being impolite. @esaruoho is trying to find a way to build a script. We are talking about a specific issue, which implies changing only one value and its design. It is implemented in a preferences XML file, not available from the API or from the Renoise control panel. Implementing it under the hood would be quite basic or silly (easy to do). But currently, as it is built, it is not possible to use a script with LUA. That the API does not give access. There are things much more complicated than this implemented and really not used so much.

We all know the situation of taktik. But there are also quite incomprehensible situations, by the way.

It is not necessary to divert the subject. Thanks to this kind of comments the threads are lost…

Not my intention. I’m sorry.

I just thought that the statement “The matter is so dumb that it is surprising that taktik …” kind of implies that taktik overlooking this (or (non)decision not to change the API or priority not to do it … or whatever) is dumb. Maybe one could choose gentler words. (And maybe there’s a, good or bad, reason for it, but that’s not my main point).

But again, I’m sorry for diverting the subject. Just ignore my input.

Yes, better ignore it. Try to create a script that involves changing a specific value. Only one value. Maybe you see it with other eyes. There is only one topic here. That is not designed under the hood to use scripts. Nothing else. Nor is it designed to change a variable that can be modified during an open session and have access to the modified value at all times. We are only talking about a single value, not about creating an editor, complement, complex effect or something much bigger and more complicated.

If you think about it from the point of view of creating a script or even to implement it under the hood, it’s a very silly matter! People are only suggesting a volume bar for the metronome. Something supercomplicated.


d’you happen to know if this can be symlinked to elsewhere? that’d solve everything. i could just symlink all metronome.wavs to one on my dropbox and then have proper volume.

@esaruoho I don’t know if you can do this:

  1. Create a tool with a folder that contains several metronome files in wav format with classified names to choose from the tool.
  2. Create a function that accesses the Skin folder (according to the operating system).
  3. Delete the Metronome.wav file from the Skin folder.
  4. Copy and paste a new Metronome.wav file from the folder of your tool.

You are replacing a wav file with a different one, with the Renoise session open. In theory, if you activate the metronome, it would sound with the new file without rebooting.
Then you can have the same wav sound with different volume levels. You could have hundreds of metronomes available.

I have never tried to do this, but I think it would be possible if there is no problem of deletion and writing in the Skin folder (administrator permission).

If you want, with a little time we could investigate this.

+1 Metronome volume parameter should be in song options, or something, or maybe Renoise should have like an Unlock button

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