Metylonia - Synth1 Maniac

EDIT: URLs updated!

This is some synth babble psytrance. Every sample is generated with Synth1 VSTI and few VST DSPs are used among Renoise’s native effects.

Download .xrns here
Download .mp3 here

Feel free to remix it or whatever…

I checked the .xrns, (only missed a few fruity plugs, could be crucial ;) )…

not my style of music, but like the drive of the rhythm. I liked the parts where you play around with the groove as well…

The song is updated. Now every sample is generated with Synth1 VSTI and modified inside Renoise with native plugins only. The mastering is done with Renoise’s native plugins, too. Check it out:

Download .xrns here
Download .mp3 here

There’s another version that uses external VST DSPs, but I thought that this native DSP version is more interesting here.

Feel free to remix it or whatever…

Not usually my style of music but quite enjoyed this. Impressed for it all being done with Synth1 as the basis for all sounds.

nice shit/kunnon kuonaa.
love synth1 too man!!!
this tracks reminds me old goa track which i cannot get in ma head now…
its because of pumpuli line.
well anyhow,

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:


impeccable in style and remarkable in technique!

Awesome O

Urls updated! Have fun. :)

Wooow thumbs up that you pulled this of with synth one
Good work …even when goa/psy trance is not really my thing …ExCepPt for early ‘Eat static’ damn that was 15 years ago …Implant

I"ve been examining your xrns. and hell …that effects chain on your bassline …some many dsp instances!!!
Like 2 maximizers etc…