Mic/line In Recording Tracks

A very handy feature, would be to have some kind of
Microphone Or Line-In Recording Tracks.

What i mean is, like if you want to record vocal i.e sing.
or an electric guitar plugged in line-in in whatever fashion…

You have done the music and stuff, and you can record in some kind of
separate Mic-Track live, it plays the patterns and music, and records
what you sing on a track of it’s own, like a big sound sample which
starts where the song starts - so you can record your vocals live
and it fits in the song directly where you record it…

I’t would take a lot of ram perhaps to keep a large sample of that
kind, but anyways - it’s possible?! :)

Gah, i’m not very good at explaining, do you get my meaning/suggestion?



Would be almost as useful as a search feature on a message board yeah?

On a more serious note, the winner of the last Beat Battle’s prize was to pick a feature to be included in Renoise. Read the posts in the thread below. Hopefully it is comming :)


You pretty much described what me and Sewen are requesting. :P

Cool that there seems to be more people craving for the same
feature/features, and even nicer that one of them happens to
be the compo-winner :D