Mic-To-Midi App

I’m looking for an app where you whistle a melody using a mic and it spits out a midi file to be imported into Renoise.
Does anyone have any knowledge of such a program?

Akoff Music composer.
You can attach it using a virtual MIDI cable to Renoise and it blasts the notes right into Renoise as well.

Thanks I’ll check it out.

How do I set up Renoise so it records the midi data?
I can’t get it to work.

very cool software, vV. Thanks for sharing!

Man -
You basically want to set Renoise’s MIDI in port to match Akoff’s MIDI out port… like vV suggested you can use a virtual midi port to do this… You’re obviously using windows so you can use LoopBe or MidiYoke to get some virtual MIDI connections to work with. LoopBe1 is free, but only gives you one virtual port… which is probably all you will ever need unless you do a lot with MIDI routing.

CopperLan is another free variant that gives you four lines that you can channel. It also has 32/64-bit support for Windows (and Mac OSX support).

This is what I did :

  • run Renoise, then Akoff
  • set Renoise’s In Device A to “In From MIDI Yoke 1”
  • set Akoff’s MIDI Output Device to “Out To MIDI Yoke 1”
  • load up a sample in Akoff and hit “Convert wave file to MIDI track”
  • hit Start
  • in MIDI Results, hit Play

Hmm, now I’m getting the notes into Renoise (it didn’t work yesterday), but they’re all one after the other, or is this the best result you could get?

Without having read the entire thread, i’m guessing the program will do polyphonic and not monophonic.

I suspect you meant the program will do monophonic and not polyphonic.

I’m working on a polyphonic audio to midi converter in Bidule,

and will post it in the Renoise forum when I’m done.

Some other options for polyphonic audio to MIDI conversion are:


WIDI Audio to MIDI plugin

The program can do polyphonic recognition, but it is very strict in what frequency combinations it gets fired to to recognize.
Try firing a few piano chords to it and you will notice it does a better job, but it doesn’t do a great job on it and i believe the author of Akoff somewhere also mentions this more or less.