Mick Rippon Renoise Tracks

Hello boys and girls, I’ve been a busy little Renoiser. I haven’t really released or done anything with them. (no aspirations of an album anytime soon). My “Unreleased” folder is just growing.

These are in loose chronological order. Newest tunes are last.

A Necrosy style acoustic electro guitar piece. Boppy.

Lala Viola
Written at 3am in about 45 minutes. Just a string quartet.

Whack the Doodle
hehe, I’ll let you find out.

My Long Day
Cheesy 80s. OldSkool, and chippish. A bit embarrassing. But the tune is catchy, too catchy. Aaaaarg.

Park of Soul
Catchy guitar Duet. Actually tracked.

Ringneck 101
Atmospheric and fairly complicated.

Vector Boobies
Some trance. Quite Mellow. A bit different. But hey, I gave it a go.

Do Not Detach
You may like this one. Starts slow, but the sound is very likable.

The Urge
This is kinda the sequel to the Vector Boobies. More Trance. I like this better.

Fuzzy Logic
Complicated and solid musically, I don’t really like it though.

My C64
This is using the old sounds of the c64. The tune is pretty catchy. Very musical.

Scary Bop
Written in one night. A good little passing tune.

The Balance
A Jeroen Tel style “tracked” tune. The melody to this is very strong. This was actually designated as Renoise demo tune until the Renoise team decided it was too retro. The RNS file is around 800k, no VST. The chronological ordering of this tune’s a bit vague since it sat so long on my HDD unfinished.

Little Flower
A cute little orchestra tune.

Out of My Head
This has some commercial potential in terms of likability, but it’s still pretty alternative.

Stoner Planet
Just a little boppy groove thing.

This is a mixture of live work and tracking.

Comments/abuse always welcome.

Mick :)

Hey Mick…

Long time hardly any hears from you…

Nice to see you’re still busy in the background.

Anytime you are done refreshing your site soon?

There is still some coop project i would like to finish with you. (No not the old ImpTrcker one)

I love the song “Unforgotten”!
Great play
Just so you know ;)

i didn’t see this thread when it was posted… i will try to review at least a couple of the tracks, guess i will start with the newest and work my way back.

typing while listening

currently listening to unforgotten… jaw is dropping. this sounds SO clean & good. is it a real guitar or samples or what? do you play guitar and then just sequence it with renoise? but, impressing me more than the amazing sound quality of this is the songwriting. it seems that you have not forgotten the long lost art of songwriting… amazing harmonies on this. this song is SCREAMING for vocals. wow… just wow. some soft female vocals with harmony would make this song so perfect. i know that i’m going to be listening to this song more in the coming weeks because i like it so much

stonerplanet - once again, great chord progression. this appears to be highly unfinished, sounds like it needs some lead instruments still. but definitely has potential. love the pads.

out of my head - great drumtrack, i love the interaction between the hihats/cymbals and the snare. the kick is kinda weak but i say that about everybody’s songs :P
vocals are cool/pretty different.
i love the vibey instrument that comes in around 1:45

little flower - yeah, i guess “cute” is the word to describe it, but only because of your choice of instruments. sounds like it would be the town music in an RPG video game on SNES or something. excellent composition though. beautiful chord progression & harmonies.

the balance - nice and oldschool. reminds me of my good old days back in 93 listening to mods on the pc speaker of my 486dx2 40. beautiful melody

gotta go now but i will definitely listen to the rest later. i like your music a LOT… i think you have a lot of talent… i mean just by listening to your songwriting, it sounds like you are very discriminating & critical of your own work & don’t release something unless you absolutely LOVE it.

keep it up though, this is amazing stuff. i will post again in a couple days once i’ve gotten more time to listen to more of the songs :)

The guy is a true vet.
You should have listened to him performing the bi-weekly groovy compo’s.
Some side-spin next to the #trax compo’s
I just wonder if those still exists.

Thanks for the kind comments. I am really surprised that “Unforgotten” has the type of positive feedback that it’s had! I thought people generally would find it boring.

But that’s the interesting and wonderful thing about musical composition. It also points that that I’m a pretty crap judge of my own music :P

Mick :)

I believe a comment on these great tunes deserves a long reply…


Here’s some more tunes I’ve written since:

Gentle Panic
A little dancy, a little mellow.

Cupid’s Migration
Dancy like the other one, stronger in melody, less mellow than the other one.

Feeling Pain
This was written a while ago for a Fairlight demo. It’s a bit wooden in places, but it’s grand.

CSS (… and just for the acoustic guitar heads)
This is just a quick guitar song I wrote and recorded in less than an hour. Not tracked; I just plugged in my guitar and played. It’s very sad and reflective.

Once again, comments and abuse welcome.

Mick. :)

typing while listening

gentle panic - really good bassline, beautiful tune, great production.

cupid’s migration - actually does seem mellower than gentle panic to me. beautiful tune though

feeling pain - nice drumtrack, very gritty rock stuff.

Cascading Style Sheets - (lol), beautiful song… really truly. again the guitar one is my favourite of the bunch. awesome harmonies going on here. i love the climax that happens around 1:30