Microfunk.Ru Presents: Parts & Sequences

video http://vimeo.com/25965692

audio http://soundcloud.com/microfunk-crew/parts-sequences

ears candy

wow didn’t know you’re a renoise user :D
amazing work as always guys

Thanks )

very nice. love the little funky glitch details!


If you watch the video closely, you can se they aren’t using renoise :P

yeap ) but original samples writing in the renoise. ableton just samplers for scenes

yeah I know, it wasn’t about this video in particularly ;)

Was so tired of 4/4 shit. Thanks for that piece of music guys :walkman: .

here is our old peoject

Lovely nice and chill stuff,

out of curiosity, what camera did you use to video this?

awesome quality here, :walkman:

I particularly like the perfect MIDI solos

hey :blink: but you solved the rubiks’s cube men !?!!! :yeah:

Canon EOS 5D Mark II )