Microphone High Pitched Whine

My setup:
Shure SM58 vocal mic
Dell dimension 3000
Edirol PCR1 audio interface/midi keyboard.

When I am recording audio I always get a high pitched whine with it.
I at first thought it was my other stuff that is plugged in with it.
I have tried it with just my laptop, pcr1 and microphone though and I still get the same sound.
Is it something to do with the mirophone not earthing or something?

maybe you have the microphone signal routed to output: look into your soundcard outputs configuration panel software to see if in the microphone level is disabled

edit: reading the other replies, maybe I’ve not understood what you meant with “highpitched whine”; I thought it was feedback noise

Try disconnecting your laptop powercable, this should kill the whine. This is probably groundloop problem in Laptop <-> Monitor speakers whatever. If you have two devices that are plugged into mains which are interconnected. Even if you don’t have, disconnecting the laptop power cable usually solves the problem. It’s very common problem with Dell and HP laptops.

It’s called howling ;) Howling could be produced depending on the location of the microphones relative to speakers. This can be remedied by:

  1. Changing the orientation of the microphone(s).
  2. Relocating the microphone(s) at a grater distance from the speakers.
  3. Lowering volume levels.

Also, never connect anything to jacks you are not using.

Hope this helps! Good luck.

Nono. It’s definitely not feedback like that. (ambtax and I have worked on songs together and I have heard the noise myself)

Honestly it sounds more like you are recording on a low end soundcard, like a soundblaster 16 or something. (It sounds similar to some of my recordings from 10 years ago). I assumed he had a crap soundcard, until Paul told me what soundcard he had, and then I was pretty much stumped.

You should post an example so they can hear what it sounds like.

What I mean is there’s a bunch of line noise. I can’t remember how many -db but it’s a lot & noticable, like -25db of just noise with a high pitched squeaky thing in it.

If my WIFI router too close to my speakers it causes unusual noise. I’ve had this problem on laptops with wifi cards, too. Turn it off.

On and old PC, many years ago, moving a window would generate a noise. When I had a window with a lot of “white” in it, it caused noise. I solved this by disabling some stuff in BIOS and moving the video card away from the sound card.

The reason was static interference. The motherboard and other components pass electricity through each other which causes “old 8-bit squelching” when electronic components aren’t up to par, especially with radio/wifi signals in the room.

Interesting. I always keep my soundcard as far away from my video card as possible. Don’t have wifi though.

Paul… Try this stuff and see if it works :)

Thanks for the suggestions :)
It is not feedback.
I have tried it with my laptop unplugged too with no succes.
I haven’t tried turning off my wifi card though. It might work.
Here is an amplified sample:
Thanks again

it is a static noise that is gathered by the built-in audio card’s input channel. there is a high possibility for that you can’t disable it without stopping down your hdd.

try using an external soundcard (possibly FireWire) with recording abilities, the noise will be all gone.

He is… Edirol PCR1 audio interface, connects via USB. He also told me a few weeks ago that he discovered the noise is still there even with the mic not plugged in, which does seem like what you are saying - line noise on the soundcard… I told him to disable everything in the windows audio control panel and enable them one by one but I haven’t heard back …

shall we make up conspiracy theories then? :D


He says he disabled everything in the windows volume control and it is still audible. I told him to either RMA that shit back to Edirol, or sell it to get an m-audio