Microphone Problems.

Hi there!

I bought an E-MU 0404 soundcard last week so I could connect my new krks to my pc.
Now Im new to the whole audio set up thing so I ran into the following problem:

I’ve got a cheap SkyTronic microphone with Jack-Out

I put the Jack in the Left-In on my soundcard and put all the faders I could find to the max.
Now Im hearing my voice clearly over my monitor speakers but when I record in renoise I have to shout to get just a LIIIITTTLE bit of noise on the track :( (I changed the pan from the Left-In to centered)
I really dont have a clue anymore what I could change more so that I will get a decent sound in renoise.

Anybody any ideas?

When I go to my sound control panel in windows (vista) it just says that the ‘wave’ device (E-MU E-DSP Audio Processor (WMD)) is working but I have to bang the mic onto my desk to get a signal out of it.
The level is already on 100 (max) and there is no mic boost option.


Haha, buy a real microphone maybe? And a decent microphone preamp aswell. :)

Sorry to say that, but quality indeed costs money. You can’t get good sounds with $5 microphone plugged directly into soundcard.

Emu 0404 doesn’t seem to have microphone inputs either. So you actually need a microphone preamp in the signal path.

Hey mate

I think you might be having a problem with PatchMixDSP.

You need to create a mic line in PatchMix, then add an ASIO send on it

It doesnt matter what number the ASIO send is (it can be ASIO1/2, ASIO3/4 etc)

Once you have done this, PatchMixDSP will be sending the Mic signal into ASIO so Renoise can read it.

Have a look at this picture. This is my PatchMixDSP. Maybe this will explain it a bit better than i can put into words. If you need any help, just let me know.


Yeah, actually the 0404 does have Mic inputs. Check out this pic.


I agree about the cheap mic to an extent, but you only need to spend 10,000yen and you have got yourself a Shure SM58, which is more than good enough for any beginner / intermediate recording enthusiast.

Oh, he didn’t specify if it was EMU 0404 USB, and google resulted me the PCI version which doesn’t have mic inputs:


Also SM58 is pretty decent mic. Not saying that you have to buy $99999999 mic, but $100 mic will do just fine. Just $5 mics lead only to disappointment, and nothing else.

Good point!

Well, if he has got the USB one, he is all good.