microsof mouse wheel doesn't work


i’ve got a ‘microsoft wireless mobile mouse 1000’ and i can’t get the mouse wheel scroll to work inside the renoise gui.
however, scrolling inside vst’s does work.

any ideas what i can try?

win7 64bit, fully updated

thanks for suggesting, just tried this, no success

yeah, nothing scrolls… not even the renoise file browser. it’s not really a problem to me since i can buy another mouse. but from a technical angle you have to wonder what’s going on, is it a bug? and is it fixable? it’s a widely used mouse and the problem only appears in renoise.

Does the scroll wheel functions in games?
Renoise uses DirectX to poll keyboard and mouse messages.

not much of gamer… so i don’t have any installed… suppose i could install steam and try ;]

I had the microsoft wireless 4000 if I recall correctly. I never got it to work either. Tried about anything, only Renoise would bug out. I could scroll but it would take 10 scrolls for a few bars down.
It tried to fix it for so long that the mouse eventually just broke and got myself the cheapest corded lasermouse I could find. Works like a charm.

mmmm… just wanted to report that all scrolling works in renoise linux 64bit version (with same ms mouse)

can this topic at least be labeled as bug? it needs fixing no? :)

No, because controlling if the mouse hardware depends on specific drivers.
If the drivers are designed to work in a proprietary way, it is a flaw of the designer.
I suspect if you pick any generic mouse-driver, it will also work with the Microsoft mouse. (simply go top the device manager and change the driver to a generic one)
Most likely Linux is also using a generic mousedriver and not a dedicated Microsoft driver.

ok, but still, it only happens in renoise. it’s not like it does’t work in any daw. that’s why i thought it needed fixing… still kinda do. :huh:

Renoise uses DirectX, the majority of other daws use the Windows Common dialog libraries, the latter doesn’t need to be specifically controlled by the Daw software, hence it works, it is not that the DAW software developer has written something special to make it work.
I suspect Renoise uses DirectInput although DirectInput is deprecated and the Windows message loop should be used instead according to the advise of Microsoft. But perhaps DirectInput is used for a reason. (Like evading latency issues)