Microtones in version 3.2.1

I am new to renoise, and am wondering if there are any easy means of using microtonal scales in renoise 3.2.1. I found this tool, but when i loaded it in it wouldnt work properly, which i assume is because it was intended for older versions.

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Scala still works, there’s a few steps you’ve gotta take - I was using it in 2019 on 3.2. I forget how to do it, but once the directions were explained to me, I felt I should have read them better. Please don’t be discouraged! It works and it’s really neat once ALL of the little details are followed. It doesn’t just work “on load”. You’ll have to make some changes to the sampler.

This post has a lot of info: New Tool (2.8): scl to xrni

thank you, it is working now, i didnt even realize i had to do that stuff.