Microtonic: How To Assign Multi-Output Au Instruments In Renoise

I want to assign the separate outputs of Microtonic to different channels.
When in multi-mode, Microtn=onic, should have 8 separate outputs.
I’m running the AU version of Microtonic,
How do I do it?
I want to do the below, but the Setup Routing does not appear:

Plugin Routing

Plugin instruments which have more than one output channel will show a “Setup Routing” button instead of a track routing selector. Clicking on this button will bring up a dialog which allows you to:

  • enable/disable output channels for the plugin
  • name/rename a bus
  • set up track routing in Renoise for the individual plugin channels


The left section allows you to activate any or all available audio buses for the instrument. By default, only the first bus is enabled. With the right section you can lock each bus to a specific Renoise track. When enabled, a drop-down box appears listing the currently available tracks, including the Master Track. When disabled, Renoise will automatically use the currently selected track (where the cursor is located).


Each bus also indicates whether it is Stereo (image:vvoois_renoise_multi_out_stereo_symbol.png) or Mono (image:vvoois_renoise_multi_out_mono_symbol.png).

I don’t know why Setup Routing doesn’t show up for both MicroTonicAU and MicroTonicAUMulti but it does show up on both VST versions.

Should this be reported as a bug then?

Has anyone compared AU & VST on different hosts ?

hey buddy. I later quench the finished project. and you’ll understand how simple it all. =)

have nice day




Hi Jalex,
I downloaded the file, but that is VST, not AU, so it’s not working on Mac.
But thanks anyway!

Can this be raised to a bug then?

Are you using the MicroTonicAUMulti version of the plugin as described here http://www.soniccharge.com/public/MicroTonic%20Separate%20Outputs.pdf ?