Mid Nineties Mods Salvage 3

(Djeroek) #1

Ho, ho, ho merry Christmas and all that humbug, 99 problems, but spam aint one :wink:

I still have a couple of disks to go through, but have been able to scrape moar of my old protracker Amiga stuff, (pre-)mid nineties first dabbles in tracker beat music. From un-eventful hiphop-like instrumentals to jungle gabber hybrids.Makes me smile and a bit nostalgic to the good 'ol days, maybe some of you can dig these lofi vibes?

The amiga was hooked up to a philips cdr930 mini audio cd recorder, recording the outputs straight to cd. No touch ups, no vst, just Paula chip goodness :slight_smile: .

Find the album here; https://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/mid-nineties-mods-salvage-3

Example track;


Some earlier salvaging missions;