(Middle-click) mute Columns in a Track

Like when Middle-clicking on a track in the Pattern matrix or the PLAY button inside the track to mute it for the pattern it would be nice if you could also Middle-click the PLAY button of the columns too mute them the same way, that’s not possible right?
renoise columns

Just realized it’s possible to rename the ‘Note’ text in the columns :grin:


Try left-clicking on them… :sunglasses:

Edit - Just realised you want to toggle them per pattern. Could be a cool way to expand the Matrix.

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The renaming… Thank you for that! I was trying that one day, and couldn’t get it, but now it works just fine! Must have been having a bad day with the mouse pointer :smiley:

wow, that’s possible? :grin:
great find !

as for your actual question:
what is your goal ? you want to sequence note column mutes as you can sequence track mutes? i guess that’s not possible as the sequencer does not display note columns.

I have a track with multiple columns where each have similar sounding effect sounds, so in this case it would be nice to switch them on/off like with tracks, this can be done with using a group or send to a bus, it’s not an issue I just think it would be cleaner to simply be able to mute them.

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