Middle Clicking The Pattern

The middle-click feature in the pattern editor is very handy, but it would be loads better if you could click on any individual character in a column and the cursor would move there.
For example at the moment if you click on any of the four effect command characters the cursor moves to the first one of the four, also if you click on the volume column, the cursor moves to the note column.

Anyone agree?

Anyone, bueller?

Perhaps the double click could stay as it is, and the middle click could be more precise?

Or an option to change this behaviour in the prefs?

It’s little editing improvements like this that really speed up your workflow IMO.

I agree, middle clicking for precision would be nice. Better to have double left click to jump to 1st value in note/effect, and middle click for precision. Perhaps have a checkbox in settings to switch buttons if preferred?

I vote middle button for precision, normal selection is only a 2nd click away!

If you’re going to change this, PLEASE make it also possible to select/focus a track by clicking on it’s name at the top. With any mouse button you like.

Right now, middle mouse button is the only way for selecting/focusing a track with mouse, so I even find it annoying, that it changes playback position, if I don’t click precisely at the current position marker. Not to mention if it would focus specific characters in the track instead of the track itself…
Before 1.5, I could focus a track with RMB, but since 1.5 it opens context menu, so the only alternative was the middle mouse button. It’s more clumsy than RMB was, but there’s nothing I can do about it…

Not two people in the world are the same, so there is no way you could make a GUI that would fit everyone. Sure, a new user will be at first happy with a good compromise, but then he will want more - you see this every day in the Ideas&suggestions forum. You are absolutely correct that million of config options in the basic config editor is a bad way to do it, and the only good solution is advanced config editor for power users, where you put this sort of things. Think Total Commander’s INI file, Firefox/Opera’s about:config, Registy Editor… do you really think a good compromise is good enough? Then way implementing e.g. a shortcut editor? I’m sure most new users are confused by it…

@Tha Man - IIRC you can left click the track names in the Track Scopes to change focus.

Not without enough people demanding it, and not without thorough thinking from the developer’s point of view, as for any other feature. But ultimately, why not? This is IMO especially good candidate to put in the advanced dialog, because it changes the existing functionality, that many people are already used to and perfectly happy with it. In ideal world, version 1.00 would have all the features perfectly programmed, so in future, developers would only add new functionality to it. Because this is not possible, sometimes you have to break existing functionality. But you know what happened when you removed what is now a “chord mode” in 1.5…

There is no reason now, but again, if this feature would for some reason annoy enough people, why not? There’s probably a reason why this isn’t implemented right now, and if you decide to implement it, there will also be a reason for that. While I don’t think this particular functionality would annoy anyone, it is still possible. Context menu on RMB annoys me for example. (although I find it very useful, I was pretty unhappy that it broke my way of focusing a track, with no substitute that works in the same way)

Well, that’s a developer’s problem. Let me be clear - I’m not saying you should put any imaginable feature in there, I’m also developer, and I also have to say “no” to users many times. But there are some issues, that comes up more than a few times, and there’s simply no 100% best way to do it. Many of them really aren’t worth cluttering main config, although it is best to make it optional.
It’s INI file in our case… ;)

Btw., in the page you posted, Firefox is mentioned as an example of clean and simple program. But they forgot to mention it has about:config with some options that 99% users don’t understand. Still, developers manage to keep it simple and easy to use for everyone.

Thanks, I didn’t know that. But I almost never use track scopes (disk browser is the king of the top 1/5 of my Renoise ;)), so I would really like it to be able to do this in sequencer directly.


I still think the original idea of this thread needs to be considered! It irks me every time I use renoise…


I agree with this, navigating around pattern is slower than it should be.

I wholeheartedly agree and give my vote for this.

Only one thing though - make that the left mouse button, not the middle one. Currently a single left click does nothing useful and most laptops don’t have a middle button.