MIDI 2.0 property exchange support

Korg just recently announced a compact midi keyboard controller which supports MIDI 2.0 and can exchange presets and parameters using only the MIDI 2.0 standard. See here:

Would be great, if Renoise would support MIDI 2.0 in general. Maybe this implicitly means that Renoise then needs to support MPE / per note automation, too. I know that this would require a lot of restructuring the base code, but maybe it is worth it… But even if note automation was not implemented, exchanging parameter/preset stuff via midi 2.0 automatically was already a great addition, getting rid of all those workaround solutions, e.g. NKS, controller scripts.

The actual feature seems to be named “MIDI 2.0 property exchange”. Read here:

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What a problem with selling MIDI keyboards with limited rotation wheels, like this “apparently modern” Korg keyboard. I would kindly ask brands in general to manufacture their MIDI keyboards with high-quality infinite rotation wheels, since they are devices to control DAWs, and the ranges of values to control are very varied, much higher than 128 values, losing a great amount of precision.

On the other hand, the already recent future is MIDI 2.0. All DAWs should now be supported, including Renoise. I assume this will be on the roadmap if Renoise wants to stay updated.

Looking at that new Korg keyboard, I like its look and design, it’s a shame that it includes those outdated wheels with limited rotation.

I suppose that we will see more and more MIDI controllers like the CASIO Privia PX-S6000BK, with those perfectly integrated illuminated screens, even multicolored, and tactile buttons.

I don’t want to divert the thread. I’m just looking at some recent releases from some brands. It seems that many previously released MIDI devices will soon feel outdated.